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Being a market leader in boutique trade compliance consulting, Kunooz Al Yam Trading Co is a renowned consulting house, advising and streamlining cross border trade in GCC - an emerging and competitive market. Being trusted pioneers in trade facilitation, we bring in our expert advisory in crafting bespoke Import and Export solutions, supporting multinational brands in their market entry and trade expansions, that demands difficult regulatory and legislative requirements. With our proven excellent services and international portfolio of clientele in manufacturing, renowned brands or traders, we overcome potential roadblocks while trading in diverse markets. Facilitating international trade into diverse markets including the Middle East, Africa and Europe regions with innumerable experience, our founders and leadership team have noticed the value gap in systems and hence we add that value to your business by imparting advisory to your trade reference to the geography in which you are eyeing to expand. Right compliance and common practices blended with our experienced consulting, makes it the best way to venture in a new market.

IOR EOR (Importer & Exporter of Record Services)

With numerous years of experience in our milestone service, IOR (Importer of Record) and EOR (Exporter of Record), our expert team understands your business needs and designs personalized solutions to individual barriers that may arise, be it operational, implementation or other challenges.

Cross border trade Facilitation & Government Negotiations

Working globally with innumerable international governments, we have developed concrete relationships with officials, Chamber of Commerce, and other government organizations in the region.

e-Fulfilment Services

To support e-commerce platforms/brands and traders to go cross border without a physical presence, we provide e-Fulfilment services by handling their virtual warehouse.