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Medical Equipments Supply

Medical Equipments Supply is the Kunooz Al Yam name embellished by the superior quality sales and services offered in the supply of medical equipment in Saudi Arabia. We make sure that the hospitals and people in Saudi Arabia get the premium quality medical equipment, surgical instruments, and personal healthcare products. We go as far even to import the medical products of leading manufacturers to provide best quality choices. We have wide range of products for hospitals, clinics, doctors, and patients at home. We have established a wide range of retail and wholesale distributors network so that our products are available in local markets as well and there is no shortage of supply for the quality and innovative healthcare services.

Oud & Perfumes

Oud & Perfumes is our grand and gracious gift to the people who love perfumes and ouds. It's a gift that is presented with the understanding that as human beings we love ambrosial scents that enriche our moments. We offer all kinds of perfumes and ouds with delicate and rich fragrances which are imported and used all over the world. Ouds we sell are richly blessed with natural elements to that smell premium scents and offer blissful experience. We take care of the fact that it is very important to keep the quality and health standards so that the scent lovers get fruitful results.

IT & Computers Trading

Technology has become our best friend ever since we have entered this special period of 21st century. The future is no longer the same as we are moving towards highly flexible and fastly emerging changes carried on the shoulders of technology. Kunooz Al Yam is proud to be the technology partners of the people of Saudi Arabia to enrich their lives with the power of premium quality products of leading brands all over the world. Our products ranges are wide enough to include computers, accessories, and mobiles of all kinds of brands to give the customers large number of options. We have grown to become one of the most important wholesale and retail distributors in the country by offering quality services, timely delivery and superior after sales support.

FMCG Trading

Kunooz Al Yam Trading Co takes previlage in offering the best quality fresh food products, groceries, and food items. The items are highly graded and made ready for sale after going through various quality standard tests to make sure that the quality is 100 percent and products are ready to be consumed. We know that it's highly desired by any consumers to have the best quality when it comes to purchasing products that meet the basic need of food consumption and that's why we bring lots of innovations for ensuring maximum quality.

Electronics Trading

We have established Electronics Trading to excercise the innovations and diversification we desire to bring in the lives of people to benefit them vastly. Kunooz Al Yam offers the customers with premium quality home appliances, Electronics products, and finished garments from leading brands all over the world. Our mission is to help the customers to choose from various options they love. The amount of quality we focus on is our unique selling point as it is what needed to benefit the customer most. Our wide range of collection offers exactly what it is needed to fulfill this ambitious goal.

Logistics Ports Services

Kunooz Al Yam provides integrated logistics Services such as International Shipping , Custom Clearance , Import – Export , Transportation , storage , Stuffing/Discharge etc. We have got Multiple Branches in Jeddah, King Abdullah City Port, King Abdul Aziz Air Port and AlKhumra Area, Dammam Port. There are agents for more than 10 Shipping Lines. All Logistics Operations are performed by the Company without any Subcontractors. We also provide Supporting Services for Stevedoring companies in Ports. We also maintain Excellence Relations with Port Authorities, Customs and Stevedoring companies and Shipping co.

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Being a market leader in boutique trade compliance consulting, Kunooz Al Yam is a renowned consulting house, advising and streamlining cross border trade in GCC - an emerging and competitive market. Being trusted pioneers in trade facilitation, we bring in our expert advisory in crafting bespoke Import and Export solutions, supporting multinational brands in their market entry and trade expansions, that demands difficult regulatory and legislative requirements. With our proven excellent services and international portfolio of clientele in manufacturing, renowned brands or traders, we overcome potential roadblocks while trading in diverse markets.

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