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Logistics Ports Services

Kunooz Al Yam Trading Co provides integrated logistics Services such as International Shipping , Custom Clearance , Import – Export , Transportation , storage , Stuffing/Discharge etc. We have got Multiple Branches in Jeddah, King Abdullah City Port, King Abdul Aziz Air Port and AlKhumra Area, Dammam Port. There are agents for more than 10 Shipping Lines. All Logistics Operations are performed by the Company without any Subcontractors. We also provide Supporting Services for Stevedoring companies in Ports. We also maintain Excellence Relations with Port Authorities, Customs and Stevedoring companies and Shipping co.

Kunooz Al Yam Logistics Services

Forwarding services

International Shipping

Receiving goods From Factories

Carry out Logistics Exporting in the Country

Shipping at the Best Prices

Ocean Freight Insurance Services

Member of all Shipping networks in the World

Logistics Services

Custom Clearance “Import- Export”

Receiving Documents from Customer

Take Delivery Orders from Shipping Lines

Checking with Relevant Departments, SMD, KSA, FDA registration

Perform Customs Clearance in Government Departments

Follow Up with Stevedoring Companies for loading

Customers Service Section to follow up with the Customers Shipments

Sending Electronically reports

Experiences and Trained Team for Customs Clearance

The speed of completion of orders

Customs Consultations

Customs Issues

Transportation Services

Transportation of Multi Destination inside Jeddah City
and other cities in KSA

Transportation from Jeddah Islamic port

Transportation from king Abdullah port

Transportation to Customer where houses and Branches

Transportation to Terminal Store

Transportation to Third Party 3PL

Return Containers to Shipping Line Terminals

Insurance Coverage for Transported Cargo

Committed to transport on exact time

Transportation as per Customers Wish

Operations 24/7

Modern Fleet of trucks more than 200 truck

Depot Services

Storage Multi Kind

(Full & Empty) Containers

Flat Container Storage

Reefer Container Storage

Storage Cars, Equipment

Bulk Cargo Storage

Electrical containers cooling system

Container Repair

Container Stuffing/Discharge

Insurance Coverage for Stored Cargo

Safety & security System

Security 24/7

We have fleet for more than 40 Container handlers